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We are lucky to have great people working for the MHTH. These folks really help support the board by getting important jobs done that volunteers are not always able to do. Meet our team:



April Lara: Building Manager

April Lara was a member of the Town Hall Board for several years before she accepted the manager position. She has lived in the area since 2011 with her husband and two daughters. She is dedicated to preserving our beautiful building and ensuring its success as a valuable piece of our community.


Bruce Hinman

Bruce Hinman: Grounds Keeper

Bruce has been part of the MHTH team for nearly 8 years and has contributed to the workforce in immeasurable ways. Bruce is a hard worker and helps to keep the building clean, secure and ready for the day’s activities. His loyalty to the MHTH shows in his work and care for the building.


Joe Silliman: Chef

Joe joined the staff in 2016, helping with our Community Meals program on Thursdays. Due to popularity, he has expanded into other areas such as cooking classes and on site catering for valuable programs that we hold at the building. We appreciate his dedication to his work and value his culinary skills.


John Ashby: Volunteer

Although not an employee, our neighbor John Ashby is a invaluable part of our team. He greats visitors, unloads recycling, brings in bundles of food for the Community Meals program and secures the building day and night. All as a volunteer! Thank you John!