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Happy Holidays!

Ten years ago I was invited to attend a Mt Hood Town Hall meeting to plan “the community center of our dreams”. The gathering was at a board member’s home because the Town Hall wasn’t fit for holding a meeting. The basement was prone to flooding, the rooms were cold, and the windows were blocked off at the top.

Thankfully, a few forward-thinking board members had the dream to bring the MHTH back into the light. At the meeting, we were encouraged to share our ideas for the ideal MHTH. I knew right off what I wanted: A place where my kids could hang out, participate in activities and feel safe and comfortable.

It’s been a long road, one filled with many appeals for funds, generous contributions from the community and numerous, challenging upgrade projects. But the dream has come to reality. The MHTH is truly a “community center” where neighbors gather, friends play pickle ball and kids create, dance and learn.

I am so proud to be a part of this “dream come true” process along with a group of wonderful, dedicated, hardworking board members and a community that gets behind a worthy project that supports all! Read on to learn more about what has happened at the MHTH this last year.

Accomplishments in 2016img_20161013_113129572

• A bottle and can donation center was created, which provides a small but continuous amount of funds for building and grounds improvements.
• The kitchen was completely renovated and is now ideal for commercial use, cooking classes and special events which require kitchen space. Our Community Meals program has expanded to offer meals to NVS students and the community!
• All upstairs classroom doors were upgraded with period appropriate wood doors.
• All classrooms and hallways were painted creating a fresh and bright look.

Check out the photo gallery below to see before and after pictures! (and please forgive me… I can’t get them in order and the dates are not all accurate!)

Program Development in 2017

dsc_4620The hierarchy of needs suggest that in order to survive we must first gain shelter and food. Once that basic need has been satisfied we can then strive for happiness. Applied to the MHTH, we have met our basic needs of a strong and safe structure. Now, we can turn our attention to the fun stuff: Building programs which help us learn, get fit, and be creative.

One of our first “fun stuff” projects was the Farmer’s Market. Held once per month this summer, farmers sold local produce and crafters sold their wares to the local crowd. We even had live music and a fine showing of kid’s booths selling blueberries, salt scrubs and walnuts. It was a wonderful good-old fashioned summer evening at the MHTH and an example of the direction we hope to go in the coming years.

As we enter 2017, our goal is to build on the success of last year and continue to grow programming. We hope to develop new opportunities and classes to serve the needs of everyone in the community. These programs take seed money to grow strong and healthy. Please support our Program Fund by making a donation to the MHTH today.

Thank you for being a partner in this community and supporting preservation, activity and creativity for all!


Christina McGhee
Fundraising Chair


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