Movie Making Camp: June 26-30, 9 am -2 pm

Camp Dates: June 26-30, 9 am -2 pm

Learn to  make your own movies! This week-long camp, intended for kids going into 7th-12th grade. Taught by Sean O’Connor.

Sean’s camps are designed to fully immerse participants in the art of visual storytelling. We teach and learn using iPad Pro’s and appropriate mobile apps. I come to the class with nearly 17 years of professional photography and filmmaking.  My personal portfolio site is:

During a 20 hour camp we work with up to 10 students to complete 2-3 min. finished documentary pieces. (1 piece per group of 4 students and one “Behind The Scenes” piece).  Students collaboratively learn all about:

>  *   Core elements of story structure ( 3 part story structure, hero’s journey etc.)
>  *   Artistic composition and continuing patterns in nature
>  *   Technical camera functions such as focus, exposure, and white balance (FilmMicPro)
>  *   Composing interview questions
>  *   Conducting interviews
>  *   Editing interviews for engagement and impact (triggering empathy in our audience)
>  *   Composing “B-Roll” shot lists
>  *   Filming b-roll imagery in the field to illustrate the story
>  *   Creating original music arrangements to fit the story mood (GarageBand)
>  *   Editing a completed documentary for public show (iMovie)
>  *   Shooting and editing still images for presentation (SnapSeed)

Here is our latest example of a completed program:

To sign up, contact April Lara at

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