Chandra Man Bajyoo, a 43 year old Nepali guide who has done more than 100 treks in the Himalayas,  will be speaking about his experiences at the Mt. Hood Town Hall on Thursday, January 5 at 6:30 pm.    This is the first in a series of “Interesting People” talks to be held in 2017.   Several Hood River area residents have traveled to Nepal and trekked with him.  Chandra was born and raised in a remote village called Sindhuli in southeast Nepal about 200 miles from Nepal’s major city, Kathmandu.   His parents farmed a small piece of land which barely provided enough food for the family.

Beginning his trekking work in 1997 as a porter, after a few years Chandra moved up to a “guide cum porter” job.    When the Maoist insurgency began in Nepal shortly thereafter, the tourism industry collapsed and it was impossible to make a living as a trekking guide.  So in 2001, Chandra followed many Nepali youths to the Arabian Gulf for work.  In Dubai, he worked at a gas station for five years.  Peace was restored in Nepal in 2006 and Chandra returned to Kathmandu to continue his trekking work.

The trekking business again collapsed in the spring of 2015 because of the terrible earthquake that hit Nepal.  Chandra explains that the earthquake was a nightmare for he and his family.  “ We slept under the tarp in a vacant lot for two weeks after the quake.”

Come meet Chandra, he’s had an incredible life and is eager to share stories about it with us, on January 5th in the Mount Hood Room of the Town Hall, 6:30 pm.