We have so many new classes coming to the MHTH that our calendar is filling quickly. Be sure to check it out!

Mondays: Strong Women fitness class 9-10:30 am

Tuesdays: Zumba for all ability levels 5:30-6:30 pm

Wednesdays: Strong Women fitness class 9 – 10:30 am

Zumba for ability levels 5:30-6:30 pm

Thursdays: DMC Fitness classes 9 – 10 am

Fridays: Strong Bones fitness class 9-10:30 am

Also check out these upcoming classes ……

Friday Aug 18th 9-10 am: Free Yoga event on the lawn

Sunday Aug 20th 8-9 am: Workout with your Dog

Tuesday Aug 22nd 9-11 am: Kids Recycled Bowl class

Tuesday Aug 22nd 6-8 pm: Adult Recycled Bowl class

Friday Sept 15th 6-7 pm: Free Yoga event on the lawn

Tuesday Sept 19th 7-8 pm: Highland Scottish Dance class

Wednesday Sept 20th 2:30-4 pm: Kids Pottery class

Thursday Sept 21st 2:30 – 4 pm: Kids Pottery class

Coming soon … additional yoga classes, knitting classes, bead/jewelry making classes, Paint Nite

Stay tuned for more details.

See our website for details on these classes. Or if you would like to facilitate a class of your own, contact April Lara at april.mhth@gmail.com