There is now a Bottle and Can Donation Station at the Mt. Hood Town Hall Recycling Depot. In Oregon, beer, pop and water bottles and cans have a five cent refund value if taken back to the stores.  We know many people don’t do this because of the high number of those containers placed in the recycling bins behind the Town Hall.   So, the Town Hall has opened a donation station and we encourage everyone to place the deposit bottles and cans there instead of in the recycling bins.


The Town Hall will get 5 cents for each bottle and can so this will be a small but continual fundraiser to support our programs and building restoration.   Please note that only bottles and cans labeled with OR 5 cents are accepted.   These are the beer, pop and water containers.  Do not include Gatorade and similar sports drinks, teas, juices, and wine since they do not have a 5 cent refund value in Oregon.  Continue placing those in the other recycling bins at the Town Hall or in your own blue recycling boxes if you have garbage service.


Using the Bottle and Can Donation Station keeps the nickel refunds in the Upper Valley, but also results in those containers being recycled in a better way.  They produce what recyclers call a clean waste stream, which is easier to make into other products.  So besides helping the Mt. Hood Town Hall, it helps the environment as well.


If you are already donating your bottles and cans to the LEOs, the Lions, or another non-profit group, please continue to do so.  If not, please consider donating them at the Mt. Hood Town Hall.