First the good news. The mixed recycling bin at the Mt. Hood Town Hall is now being recycled. Because of the lost overseas markets for plastics and mixed recyclables, Hood River Garbage has been taking that bin to the Wasco County landfill for disposal. Now that bin is again going to go to a facility in the Portland area where the materials are sorted and passed on to different recyclers.

Now the bad news. To keep the recycling option available at the Town Hall, we can’t recycle what we used to. The ONLY plastics now allowed in the mixed bin are bottles and jugs. No plastic cups, tubs, lids, yogurt containers, food boxes, etc. Also, we can’t recycle waxed milk and juice cartons, aseptic packages or foil lined boxes.

Please see the information sheet that highlights what can and cannot be recycled at the Town Hall. En español.

Meanwhile,  everybody has been doing a great job recycling glass bottles and jars in the glass bin. And please continue donating the bottles and cans with a refund value (just about all single serve drink containers). That money is critical for the on-going restoration and improvements at the Town Hall.

Thank you for your cooperation in implementing these recycling changes.  We want to keep the recycling option for all Upper Valley residents. If you have questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask… email or call 541-402-4448. If we don’t have the information you seek, we will find it!